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FLYSURFER Kiteboarding, a brand of Skywalk GmbH & Co. KG, is based in Marquartstein/Germany. Since 2001 innovative and high quality products for the kite sport are developed, produced and distributed through a service orientated reseller network worldwide. Flysurfer has unique kite & kiteboard product portfolio mix which consists of several different technologies: closed-cell, open-cell and single-skin foil kites, leading edge inflatable kites … and an innovative approach to kite board development. Whether you kite on land, snow or water, irrelevant of style, age, wind and weather conditions … once you are touched by our fascinating sport, you just want to kite every day. FLYSURFER – everyday is a kiteday!


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LIFETRAVELLERZ.com is a Travel & Kitesurf Blog written by the Austrian couple Melanie and Juergen. Based at the home of „sound of music“ in Mondsee, between dozens of lakes, mountains and nature you have to use the native resources of the region. While spring and autumn bring some storms and a lot of wind, summer is the perfect time for foiling on all this beautiful coloured lakes. Both of them love to live the surferlifestyle so they travel and work in their Campervan „Luigi“ and spend as much time as they can at the water. During the wintermonths when the temperatures in Austria fall far below zero the Lifetravellerz are searching for warmer places like Capetown, Cuba or Asia.


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