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2017 Levitaz RAZE

€ 1,149.00 (incl. 20% VAT)

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  • Description

    For pre-orders please contact us: office@levitaz.com

    • Race/Competition
    • High performance board
    • Full carbon construction


    The Levitaz Raze is our high performance race board. The design is based on the experience of pro tour riders and shaped by vice world champion Olly Bridge. The special shape enables early planning and the highest efficiency due to its low air resistance. It is made for advanced foilers who want to go superfast The Levitaz Raze is perfect for aggressive leaning angles and for an ultimate upwind performance. The deck is finished with an antiskid structure for perfect grip and the lowest weight.

    Shaped by Olly Bridge
    with Bisschops Boards, Australia

    Length: 4´9” (145 cm)
    Volume: 30,8 ltrs
    Weight: 7 lbs (3,2 kg)
    Foilmount: Tracks for plate mount 240 x 90 mm
    Thickness: 3” (7,6 cm)
    Width: 17´1/4” (44 cm)

    Raze board package [G437881] includes:

    • Foilboard
    • Foil mount hardware (screws, washers and tool)
    • Accessory bag
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