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Levitaz is the combination of more than 25 years of manufacturing experience with advanced composite materials and many years of design experience with kitefoils – an advantage which you can feel.

What sets us apart

Our product can be disassembled into 5 main parts, namely mast, frontwing, rearwing, beam, and plate, which is especially useful if you travel by plane.

The innovative Levitaz design enables a combination of various front- and rearwings, as well as different fuselage lengths. Therefore, the foil can be adapted to various conditions and even completely disassembled, which is especially useful if you travel.

Due to its modular concept, the frontwings of the Levitaz Kitefoils can easily be exchanged, making an upgrade from the Levitaz Element-Set to the Aspect 3.0-Set for intermediate and pro-riders possible.

Furthermore you can upgrade your Aspect 3.0-Set for intermediate and pro-riders to the Levitaz Bionic setup for pro-riders who want to exceed their limits. Three different setups, the Levitaz Element, Aspect, and Bionic, guarantee highest driving pleasure.

Customize your kitefoil to match your style. We have got the right setup for you.

100% Austrian craftsmanship

With the latest production technology, the Levitaz kitefoils are designed, developed, and manufactured in Austria – we guarantee the highest possible quality. Every Levitaz model that leaves our manufacturing facility has been tested in various conditions by our professional riders.


Levitaz sponsored riders Benni Bölli and Adrian Geislinger tested the new Levitaz kitefoil at the Traunsee in Austria. First impression: amazing product.

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