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Do you ship to my country?

We ship internationally, so the chances that we ship to your country are high. If your country is not listed please contact us to see if we can send the item(s) to you.

Delivery within the EU is free-of-charge for orders with a total value of EUR 1250.00 or higher excl. VAT. For shipments of orders with a total value below EUR 1250.00 excl. VAT, we charge shipping costs within the EU. For all deliveries outside the EU, the shipping costs (excluding any customs fees, if applicable) are invoiced separately, regardless of the total value of the order, whereby we inform our customers regarding the individual shipping costs prior to concluding a contract.

Is your kitefoil suitable for air travel?

Yes! Our modular system allows for complete disassembling into the five main parts. Use it together with our kite bag for convenient carrying.

What's the best position for my footstraps in comparison to foil mount?

This is the recommended position of the footstraps of our Team Riders:

Which boards are suitable for Levitaz kitefoils?

We recommend our brand new Levitaz Boards:

The 2in1 solution Levitaz Transformer, or our freestyle/strapless Board Levitaz Exo.


We offer foils with 2 different connection systems, plate mount and deep tuttle connection, therefore you can use any board that meets these requirements:


The Levitaz masts with plate mount can be used with any board that has 4 metric bolt threads. The strut has 4 through holes suitable for max. M8 bolts. The width is 90 mm and the length is 165 mm.

Levitaz Kitefoil plate


The Levitaz masts with deep tuttle connection can be used with any board that has deep tuttle box. The mast has 2 inserts for M6 bolts.

tuttle box


Although you can use any board that meets these requirements, we’ve tested and recommend these boards for best the results:

Levitaz Partner Logo ASV Performance

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