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Which Boards Are Suitable For Levitaz Hydrofoils?

The Levitaz Foils have a 165 x 90 mm bolt pattern to attach the foil system to the board. This work with all track mounting systems which have the standard distance of 90 mm between the two tracks.

For best results, we recommend using your Levitaz Hydrofoil System with the Levitaz Foil Boards:

All boards are built using high value composite materials to create a foil board that is both solid and lightweight. Strong reinforcements in particularly demanding spaces such as the standing and foil mount area are integrated. Depending on the load these consist of carbon, glass fiber and high density foams.

Our boards are compatible with the 4-bolt plate mount interface, which provides optimum power transmission. Multiple attachment points facilitate tuning using the sliding track system inserts. You can easily adjust your foil to find your perfect personal setting.

The Levitaz masts with plate mount have 4 through holes suitable for max. M8 bolts. The width is 90 mm and the length is 165 mm.

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